Our home stay is very exclusive and one of kind!


We look after your cats in a safe, stress free, friendly environment while getting oodles of attention.  We have created a very fun, safe and happy environment for your loved ones.  It is very important that your furry friend feels comfortable and happy when they come for a holiday at Marnis.

The cats have a large cosy lounge and sheltered outdoor area for them to play, sunbathe, relax and scratch and climb a tree or two amongst the outdoor greenery. They are free to roam and at night they can sleep where they feel comfortable.

We understand it can be a little stressful for cats changing environment and we would like them to feel relaxed, they have the company of other felines as well as our family members to ensure they are never left feeling alone.

Cat Nap


Competitive Rates available 

Cats $15 per day plus GST

**No discounts during holidays & long weekends**

Discounts available for extended stays and if you have two or more pets staying at the same time.

+++Visitors by appointment only +++

Drop Off & Pick Up Times

Drop Off – AM times only

Pick Up’s – AM or PM times


Monday –      8 – 8.30am   &   5 – 5.30pm

Tuesday –       8 – 8.30am   &   5 – 5.30pm

Wednesday –    8 – 8.30am   &  5.30 – 6pm

Thursday –       8 – 8.30am   &  5.30 – 6pm

Friday –          8 – 8.30am   &  5.30 – 6pm

Saturday –    8.30am only  &   5 – 5.30pm

Sunday –      9.30am only  &   5 – 5.30pm

Special Requirements 

We cater large, small, old, young and everything in between.  


We recommend you bring your own food as we believe your pet is best to be kept on the same diet as they would be at home.  


If your pet requires any extra care such as medication etc, this is no problem we provide this service free of charge.

Cat Stay
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